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Sometimes I am dumbfounded by what presidents leave behind for others to see and hear.

President Richard Nixon’s tapes offer a good example.

What would compel someone to record all the things he says and does — or in the case of Nixon all but 18-plus minutes.


The list of things that really bug Americans might run a mile long.

But rarely would the cost of gas escape that list.

A visit with some college buddies a few weeks back led to all kinds of stories, including filling up my Volkswagen Beetle in 1975 with gas that cost 50 cents a gallon.


We all face stretches of time when it seems like nothing else could go wrong — but it does.

Things go sideways at work. Health issues crop up. Income goes down. The kids cause havoc. The car breaks down. The dog needs surgery. And the roof starts leaking.

They all combine in an instant, and taking care of weeds in the backyard falls way down on the priority list.

Welcome to the world of President Barack Obama in July 2014.