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The adage “walk a mile in my shoes” came to mind when I read the news story this week about U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and his re-election plans.

I have not written much positive about politicians since I started posting in 2007, but every once in a while, I arrive at the conclusion that they are no different than you or me.

We tend to live our lives in a “me” and “them” mode, categorizing ourselves and our beliefs (me) as more appropriate, legitimate and valuable than those of others (them.)

But when “me” becomes “them,” things change quickly.


I’ve heard through the years about dreams during which the dreamers find themselves in front of a crowd of people dressed only in their underwear or worse, naked.

But what if it really happened?

Now that’s a nightmare, and one that lawmakers want to prevent with “revenge porn” legislation.

The Web creates the opportunity for the nightmare.

These laws — passed or pending in some 30 states — target those who place intimate images or video on the Web, usually that of people they know such as friends and former mates.


Something called “Kill Switch” legislation might be headed to a state near you, and it already arrived if you live in Minnesota or California.

It involves our constant companions — cell phones — and lawmakers say giving the government power to use it is in your best interest.

Maybe and maybe not.

Several types of phone “kill switches” exist, one that permanently shuts down the phone and the other a less severe “disabling” version.