Why should Americans care about international issues? How are new technologies helping to “globalize” young people? We visited Richard Graves of Americans for Informed Democracy to discuss these questions.

Americans for Informed Democracy is an organization that seeks to educate young people about the global issues that affect their lives and helps them engage with these issues. Richard is a leader in the environmental movement and founder of the blog, “It’s Getting Hot In Here: Dispatches from the Youth Climate Movement,” which boasts 151 contributors from all over the world.

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I Think all people should care about everyone around them. if that means your fellow country men or different people of the world. I believe that God did not make over 6 billion people alive in this world today so that we can all live self focused lives. Firstly, all people should care about the AIDs problem around us today. And if you are a christain, than you really need to care. Now caring doesn't mean you have to go to them, it doesn't mean you have to give money to them, but if all you do is just pray for them, we would have a better world. JUST WITH PRAYER! Secondly, if you believe that our government process, than you should care about getting a Democratic Republic government in other countries! -Ralph Luren


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