Dialogues in Democracy Delegates

Jo Dee Adelung - Mayor, Nebraska City, Nebraska
Azizah al-Hibri - Professor of Law, University of Richmond
Robyn Allen - Student, MIT and Co-Director, Vehicle Design Summit
Helen Alvare - Professor of Law, Catholic University of America
Nancy L. Banov - Advocate for persons with disabilities
Nathan D. Baxter - Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania
Betty BayƩ - Editorial Writer and Columnist, The Courier Journal
Heather M. Berberet - Psychologist
Vicky Cintra - Advocate for the immigrant community
David Davenport - Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Pepperdine University and Research Fellow, Hoover Institution
Janet Guthrie - Indianapolis 500 Driver
Millie Hallow - Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President, The National Rifle Association
Allison R. Hayward - Assistant Professor, George Mason University Law School
Yahya Hendi - Secretary General and Founder, Imams for Human Rights and Dialogue
Joel C. Hunter - Senior Pastor, Northland, A Church Distributed
Tamar Jacoby - Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Ray Kimball - Founding Member, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Chuck Larson - Former Iowa State Senator and Author
Janna Levin - Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Kara Linse - Former President, The Eugene Chargers, IBL
Phyllis Lockett - President and CEO, The Renaissance Schools Fund
Lisa Madigan - Attorney General, Illinois
Bill McDonald - Cattle Rancher / Conservationist
Leo Melamed - Chairman Emeritus, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chairman and CEO, Melamed & Associates
David Moser - Designer, Thos. Moser
Robert Moses - President and Founder, The Algebra Project
Gary Nabel - Molecular Virologist and Immunologist
Craig Newmark - Customer Service Rep and Founder, craigslist
Janis Orlowski - Senior VP and Chief Medical Officer, Washington Hospital Center
Tina Packer - Founder, Shakespeare & Co.
Michael Ramirez - Senior Editor / Editorial Cartoonist, Investor's Business Daily
Bruce Ramsey - Editorial Columnist, The Seattle Times
Phillip D. Rumrill, Jr - Director, Center for Disability Studies, Kent State University
Reihan Salam - Associate Editor, The Atlantic
Danelle Smith - Attorney, Fredericks Peebles & Morgan, LLP
Barbara Brown Taylor - Butman Professor of Religion, Piedmont College
Susan Tully - National Field Director, Federation for American Immigration Reform
Sherry Turkle - Professor, MIT
Vishal Vasishth - Founder and CEO, Clean Partners
Robert S. Walker - Chairman, Wexler and Walker Public Policy Associates
Alonzo Washington - Activist and Comic Book Publisher
Ed Whelan - President, Ethics and Public Policy Center
Jay Williams - Mayor, City of Youngstown, Ohio
Leonard Wong - US Army War College
Robert Yung - Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, PMC-Sierra

By the People is partnering with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation on the "Dialogues in Democracy 2007" project.