Pocket knives shouldn't be allowed on planes even if rules are now relaxed.That's a freedom that we should gladly give up for the safety of air travel.


I completely agree! Pocket knives are something that I would gladly give up in order for safety of others.


We're already giving up too much freedom! Let's get sane! If the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, that's what we need. We'll necer stop all the crazies until we give everything up, and by then we'll be some kind of totalitarian state!


How many Americans have to die to make it worth some regulation? I still have all my rights, but when I'm flying at 30,000 feet, I like to know all possible precautions have been taken. I prefer not to take the risk. I wonder if security levels were different depending on the airline if the people worried about their freedom would buy the ticket on the airline with tighter security.


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