“By the People: Citizenship in the 21st Century”

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Colonial Williamsburg's historic Capitol.

Photo: Colonial Williamsburg

The PBS documentary “By the People: Citizenship in the 21st Century,” anchored by Jim Lehrer of The News Hour, featured a national conversation held in Williamsburg, Va., on “Dialogues in Democracy: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Emerging leaders and influential Americans met in November 2007 in Colonial Williamsburg’s historic Capitol to explore 21st-century citizens’ rights, responsibilities, and expectations. The documentary aired January 4, 2008.


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The four-day program concluded with drafts of a “Declaration of Citizenship for the 21st Century,” intended to extend the conversation to the public.

Learn more about Colonial Williamsburg, where 18th-century American patriots and British loyalists struggled with the questions of independence, liberty, and self-government.

By the People

By the People and Colonial Williamsburg were partners for the “Dialogues in Democracy 2007” project.

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